Woman gets six-foot snake out of her living room using pillowcase

Most people might be fazed when a huge snake turns up in their living room. Not one woman who is used to the reptilian visitors.

Terrifying moment woman catches six-foot snake with pillow caseCredit: Storyful

A woman from Forest City, North Carolina, managed to wrangle a six-foot snake from her home after finding the reptile on her living room floor on 1 June.

After handing her phone to her 14-year-old daughter to film the daring feat, SunShine McCurry boldly approached the snake with the pillowcase and managed to swiftly get in inside.

At one point the snake's head can be seen sticking out of the case, at which point McCurry comments on the foul smell of its musk.


McCurry then carries the snake out of her home inside the case and lets it go in her garden. However, the snake has other ideas, and turns back towards McCurry's house, to which she says "now I'm going to have to catch him and throw him the other way because he can't be going up in there and doing all that."

Eventually the snake goes down under a bridge and McCurry heads back to get rid herself of the stench. McCurry says the snake came in via the front door "like any other guest."

SunShine McCurry said the snake entered through the front doorFacebook/SunShine McCurry

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