Watch Trump quip 'I'm very much a germaphobe' after dossier claims

Trump was questioned on claims Russia has compromising information on him at press conference.

Donald Trump admits he's a 'germaphobe'Facebook/Donald J Trump

In his first press conference since his election as US president Trump hit back at reports alleging Russia has compromising information about him.

"Also I'm very much a germaphobe", quipped Trump to nervous laughter, following claims in the report he watched prostitutes engaged in a sexual practice while in Moscow.

Earlier Trump furiously denied allegations that Russia had compromising information on him, saying Moscow "never tried to use leverage on me".


Mr Trump condemned US intelligence agencies for allowing "fake news" to "leak" into the public, asking: "Are we living in Nazi Germany?"

An unsubstantiated report allegedly presented to Trump last week contained claims that the Kremlin has a dossier of compromising information on Trump, and key members of Trump's team secretly met Russian officials.

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