Video: Uber CEO given one-star rating after heated exchange with own driver

Travis Kalanick was not happy after Fawzi Kamel brought up the issue of drivers' pay.

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Uber's CEO was given a one-star rating using his own ride-hailing app after getting into a heated exchange with the driver.

Travis Kalanick entered the Uber Black Car on Superbowl Sunday (5 February) with two female companions, before being dropped off in a San Francisco location.

But as he was getting ready to leave the car, 37-year-old Fawzi Kamel decided to take the opportunity to question Kalanick on Uber drivers' falling incomes.


Uber now charges passengers in San Francisco $3.75 (£3.03) per mile and $0.65 per minute compared to $4.90 per mile and $1.25 per minute in 2012.

Read Kalanick and Kamel's full exchange below:

Following the exchange, Kamel gave Kalanick a one-star rating and leaked the footage to Bloomberg. Uber have declined to comment on the contents of the video.

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