Twin Peaks reactions: David Lynch's 'insane' return to TV impresses viewers across the world

Kyle MacLachlan's hair, Log Lady's unexpected comeback and ''strange, wonderful'' plots seemed to be the talking points.

Twin Peaks made its eagerly-anticipated comeback on Sunday 21 May and the fans went crazy onlineShowtime

The first four episodes of David Lynch's hotly-anticipated Twin Peaks revival premiered last night (Sunday 21 May) and understandably, fans could not keep calm online. Not only did it air in the US either, but it also made its debut in the wee hours of Monday morning across the pond too, meaning that everyone, everywhere was talking about it as the inevitable weirdness unfolded.

Having waited 26 years for the show to make a comeback, viewers in their droves took to Twitter to share their reactions to Agent Dale Cooper's new antics. Here's the lowdown on what they were all thinking...

It's safe to say, people weren't quite sure what was doing on in the "strange and wonderful" show. But fear not, they were quite happy living in their state of confusion...


Cooper's hair was a big talking point...

Some were super keen...

Others were genuinely freaked out by Twin Peaks' typical eerie tone and ''thanked'' director Lynch and co-writer Mark Frost "for the nightmares." It's oddity was always the best thing about it, mind and one user confirmed that by saying: "Twin Peaks so far: creepy, quirky, weird, intriguing. Not as much goofy soap opera as the original series. Which is interesting."

Not everyone was blown away by the premiere however. One Twitter user candidly wrote: "I'll deny I ever said this, but I'm quietly suspicious that season three of Twin Peaks will not be very good." Meanwhile, The Guardian reviewed the comeback and condemned the show's replacement of a classic ''whodunnit'' storyline to a ''what-is-it?'' one instead.

"With this series, [Lynch] must entice a new crowd while also satisfying those superfans who have spent the last 26 years drafting the show's return in their minds," critic Mark Lawson continued. "By gathering up loose ends and shaking them even looser, the first two hours seem more likely to please those already in the unknown. But this is a show that radically raised the creative ambitions of TV – we should give it time to reveal if it can be a game-changer again."

Starring Mädchen Amick, David Duchovny, Peggy Lipton, Michael Horse Kyle MacLachlan and the late Catherine Coulson in a brief cameo as the beloved Log Lady, Twin Peaks continues with episode five on Showtime in the US on 4 June.

Each week in the UK, it will repeated on Sky Atlantic on Tuesdays at 9pm. Unfortunately however, the UK were only treated to two episodes last night, so viewers will be a couple of weeks behind over here going forward.


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