The Tories are sending women's mag leaflets to female voters - and official letters to men

It looks a lot like Real People magazine.

The Conservatives' magazine compared to the letterFacebook

The Conservatives are taking the women's vote seriously. So seriously, in fact, that they're sending voters leaflets which look suspiciously similar to women's magazines ahead of the general election.

A couple in their 20s living at the same address in Oxfordshire both received post from the Tories.


One received a copy of You and Your Family magazine, which looks an awful lot like Real People magazine and is emblazoned with a photo of Theresa May laughing with a man in a hard hat.

Her boyfriend? He received an official looking letter printed on cream paper, which explains why "making Brexit a success is central to our national interest".

Granted, the women's mag leaflet is eye-catching - but it's a shame the Tories think women will only read about politics if it is printed in pink magazine format.

Enticing you to read flick through the mag, the front page promises: "Theresa May's plan for a stronger Britain and a prosperous future", "more good school places" and "making a success of Brexit".

And it gets even better inside, featuring a Q&A with May herself and a flow-chart comparison of the Conservative and Labour parties, with a "verdict" at the end.




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