Technology and smartphone deals of the week: iPhone SE for £116 and much more

The weeks best UK deals and discounts on phones, televisions and more.

The iPhone SE was Britain's best-selling smartphone during 2016IBTimes UK

This week's technology deals and discounts include the excellent iPhone SE, once Britian's best-selling smartphone, for less than £120.

Also in this week's list is an LG G6 for just £305.99, the new Nokia 3 for under £110 and a Vodafone SIM-only deal with a massive 16GB of data, plus Spotify Premium and a pair of Beats by Dre headphone - all for £19 a month.

Away from smartphones, we have a 55in Ultra HD television by Toshiba for under £400 and a pair of Bluetooth earphones for a barely believable £7.14. Check out all of these deals and more in the boxes below. As always, the deals are hand-picked by our friends over at Hot UK Deals.


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