Robert Tuzzo & Reco Jefferson: How Digital Marketing Has Become Indispensable to Every Field


Social media has been a revolutionary tool for brands and businesses over the last decade. Hefty advertising budgets are a thing of the past; now, companies can reach global audiences with a few swipes and clicks that hardly cost a penny. The use of social media is universal as it can be utilized by nearly every industry. Entrepreneurs Robert Tuzzo and Reco Jefferson consider social media a digital marketing tool that is indispensable across the board.

Robert Tuzzo & Reco JeffersonRobert Tuzzo & Reco Jefferson

Robert Tuzzo is a real estate expert who began his career in the late 1990s. As he observed gaps in his field, Tuzzo had an idea that would turn into a pillar of the New York educational scene: the NY School of Real Estate. This pro bono organization was founded to offer resources to the underserved real estate community by providing education that presents efficiency.

By using social media and digital marketing to promote his school, Robert Tuzzo saw enrollment scale up from 3,000 students in a week to 150,000 in a year. Part of the school's curriculum centers around using social media to develop a digital approach to business. Shifting to online resources has also paved the way for Tuzzo to create an app called 'Digital Blueprint' to help real estate agents establish their online presence.

Air-Force veteran Reco Jefferson went into software development after wrapping up his military service. However, it was not a successful endeavor, and he knew he had to find another way to make a living. Thanks to his connections, Jefferson is now an e-commerce expert with 7-figure revenue streams.

Reco Jefferson notes that success didn't come easy. He had to reinvest the money from his software development job to fund his new career as an e-commerce seller. Backed by a strong team that found Jefferson on social media, he is now a sought-after consultant when it comes to launching an e-commerce store. Jefferson utilizes digital marketing and social media to offer a superb customer experience. In his own words, "fast money never lasts." Consequently, he prefers building long-term relationships.

Although Robert Tuzzo and Reco Jefferson have different businesses, they have experienced similar successes in their ventures by employing digital marketing campaigns. Their varying applications support their mutual opinion that no matter what the industry, solid social media marketing is a must in today's times.


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