Rampaging rhino captured on dashcam as it thunders down a road in India

It was spotted in the northern state of Assam.

Rhino rampages through streets of IndiaFacebook

People travelling through north east India captured an unusual sight on their dashcam – a rhino thundering down the road past the vehicle.

The video, which shows the animal running down a road in the state of Assam, was posted to Facebook by the group North-East of India.

As the rhino hurtles down the road, the people in the car can be heard talking about the unusual traveller.


"Look at the size of the thing," the man says. "It's a rhino," the woman replies.

"Yeah, it's a rhino, I know!" the man.

The video sees the car follow the rhino down the road, as vehicles travelling in the opposite direction are forced to swerve out of the way.

Eventually, a van blocks the path of the animal and forces it to head away from the road.

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