The only good thing about Theresa May's speech is Twitter's hilarious reaction to it

'Stop this madness'.

Theresa May handed P45 by comedian at Conservative Party ConferenceIBTimes US

Twitter users went into meltdown following Theresa May's catastrophic keynote speech at the Conservative Conference - with many expressing sympathy for her plight.

The speech took a farcical turn after comedian Simon Brodkin, also known as Lee Nelson, interrupted the Prime Minister by waving a P45 . He was swiftly escorted out of the venue.

Mrs May was further hindered by a coughing fit which caused her to struggle for the remainder of her speech. Chancellor Philip Hammond even stepped in to hand over a cough sweet.


To top off the calamitous speech, letters then fell off the slogan on the wall behind May, which originally read: "Building a country the works for Everyone".

Viewers of the spectacle were left aghast and took to social media to express their amazement.

Others, however, felt sympathy for the prime minister - including some of her critics.

There also were more than a few funny tweets, too.

However some opponents saw it as an opportunity to attack Mrs May further, with some even calling her to resign:

Others just opened the popcorn, and enjoyed as the disaster unfolded:

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