A Load of Rubbish: Eco-Artist HA Schult's Trash People Sculptures

Hundreds of human-sized figures made out of rubbish stand in Ariel Sharon Park near Tel Aviv. Trash People, an exhibit created by German eco-artist HA Schult, has been travelling the world for 18 years and opens this weekend in Israel.

Schult's eco warriors, made out of crushed cans, computer parts, bottles and more, are a comment on our culture of constant consumption.

Hundreds of human-sized figures made out of rubbish stand in Ariel Sharon Park near Tel AvivReuters
German artist HA Schult poses with a couple of his Trash PeopleGetty
HA Schult's Trash People have been exhibited around the world. The army of figures made of rubbish have been seen in front of the ancient Pyramids of Giza in 2002...Reuters
...and Brussels' Grand Place in 2005Getty

HA Schult's giant public artworks have been likened to those by Christo. He has been using garbage in his art since the late 60s. In 1974 he stole and subsequently exhibited the contents of footballer Franz Beckenbauer 's bins.

HA Schult's previous works include the Save the Beach hotel, covered in rubbish collected on beachesReuters
A woman looks inside a room of the Save the Beach Hotel in Madrid in January 2011Reuters
A man looks out a window in one of the bedrooms in the Save the Beach Hotel during its stay in Rome in June 2010.AFP
HA Schult's Flügelauto (winged car) is lowered by a crane onto a roof near Cologne Cathedral on April 4, 2013 after being renovated. The work, comprising a winged gold 1989 Ford Fiesta, was originally created in 1991Reuters
In 2001 HA Schult covered Berlin's former postal delivery office with 35,000 love lettersReuters
HA Schult and Elke Koska pose in front of their 'Friedensspeicher' (peace storehouse) in 1998. The work consisted of a house covered with about 15,000 cardboard boxes signed with the word 'Peace'Reuters

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