House of Cards Season 2 in Pictures

House of Cards, the US political miniseries starring Kevin Spacey, has returned for a second series.

All 13 episodes are now available to stream on Netflix. It may not sound romantic, but many couples will be spending Valentine's Day glued to their screens to watch it.

When we left House of Cards at the end of Season 1, Kevin Spacey's character, the scheming Congressman Francis Underwood, had been named Vice-President; his wife Claire was about to be sued for wrongful dismissal, and young reporter Zoe had figured out what Frank was up to – or thought she had.


IBTimesUK presents stills from the second series – no spoilers.

Kevin Spacey (Francis Underwood) and Robin Wright (Claire Underwood)Netflix
Kate Mara (Zoe Barnes)Netflix
Robin Wright (Claire Underwood)Netflix
Kevin Spacey (Francis Underwood) and Mahershala Ali (Remy Danton)Netflix
Michael Kelly (Doug Stamper)Netflix
Kevin Spacey (Francis Underwood)Netflix
Michael Gill (President Garrett Walker)Netflix
Sakina Jaffrey (Linda Vasquez)Netflix
Kevin Spacey (Francis Underwood) and Robin Wright (Claire Underwood)Netflix
Robin Wright (Claire Underwood)Netflix
Jayne Atkinson (Catherine Durant), Gerald McRaney (Raymond Tusk) and Kevin Spacey (Francis Underwood)Netflix

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