'Whose Streets? Our Streets!' Powerful photos of historic rallies in New York

The images will go on display at the The Bronx Documentary Center as part of a group exhibition involving 37 photojournalists.

The Bronx Documentary Center (BDC) is to hold a group exhibition of 37 photojournalists' work, documenting historic moments of violent confrontation in New York City during the latter part of the 20th century. 'Whose Streets? Our Streets!': New York City, 1980-2000 will show a range of striking images – none of which have ever been exhibited together, of ordinary New Yorkers as they rallied, rioted, marched, and demonstrated.

The exhibition covers two decades of swift economic and demographic change, residents grappled with social issues including race relations, police brutality, housing and gentrification, Aids and gay and lesbian rights, reproductive rights, US foreign policy and military actions, art, culture. environmental and animal rights issues, and education and labour relations.

Pro-choice rally. NYC 1992Sandra Lee Phipps

The exhibition includes work by Ricky Flores, Corky Lee, Nina Berman and Andrew Lichenstein and was co-curated by Meg Handler former photo editor of The Village Voice, historian Tamar Carrol, author of Mobilsing New York: Aids, Anti-poverty and Feminist Activism, and Michael Kamber, founder of the Bronx Documentary Center (BDC). In this gallery, IBTimesUK presents some of the powerful images that will be exhibited.


'Whose Streets? Our Streets!': New York City, 1980-2000 will run at the Bronx Documentary Center from 14 January to 5 March 2017.

Day of Outrage demonstration at the Jay Street-Borough Hall subway station following the Howard Beach verdict on 21 December 1987 in which three defendants were found guilty of manslaughter in the death of Michael Griffith who was beaten and chased by a white mob onto a highway where he was struck by a carRicky Flores
Brooklyn, 1991. A woman walks by a line of police during the Crown Heights race riots in Brooklyn. This was a three-day racial riot that occurred from August 19th to 21st and pitted African American and Caribbean Americans against Jewish residents.Mark Peterson
Manhattan, March, 1999. Demonstration in front of the New York Stock Exchange to demand the indictment of the four policemen who killed Amadou Diallo, a 23-year-old unarmed immigrant from GuineaFrank Fournier/Contact Press Images
A group called 'Women in Mourning and Outrage' hold up photographs of Amadou Diallo during a rally in front of the United Nations. The rally was held after the acquittal of four New York City police officers involved in the shooting of Mr Diallo, who was unarmed. 27 February, 2000Ricky Flores
The Women's Action Coalition demonstrates at the opening of the Guggenheim Soho to protest at the lack of women artists in the museum’s inaugural exhibition. 25 June 1992Lisa Kahane
Pro-choice demonstrators in downtown Manhattan protest the 3 July, 1989 Supreme Court Webster decision which limited Roe v Wade. This was a turning point in the pro-choice movement. 24 were arrested, including activist Mary Lou Greenberg, as they stormed the Brooklyn BridgeNina Berman
Bensonhurst residents hold up watermelons to mock African American protestors who took to the streets of the largely Italian neighbourhood of Bensonhurst, Brooklyn, following the acquittal of Bensonhurst resident Keith Mondello in the shooting death of 16-year-old African American Yusef Hawkins on 19 May 1990. Hawkins, who had gone to the neighbourhood to look at a used car, was met by a white mob and shot deadRicky Flores
Tompkins Square Park riot, New York City, 1988James Hamilton
A man protests at the death sentence handed down against Mumia Abu Jamal who was convicted of killing a Philadelphia police officerSylvia Plachy
A protester is carried away during an ACT-UP Stop the Church direct action at St Patrick’s Cathedral on 10 December, 1989Brian Palmer
NYC protesters take to the streets in response to the acquittal of the officers involved in the beating of Rodney King. Some Asian-owned groceries such as this one were vandalised April 1992Linda Rosier
Picketing restaurant waiters and community members protest outside Jing Fong Restaurant whose management illegally took waiters’ tips to pay for social security. NY State Attorney General fined the largest restaurant in Chinatown $1.13million in 1995Corky Lee
Squatters attempt to defend their building by blocking the street with overturned cars and trash before an expected attack by the police on East 13th Street, 1995Andrew Lichtenstein

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