Hallmark sells transgender transitioning cards: 'You're becoming who you've always been'

A Twitter user spotted the card at her local store.

Hallmark sells transitioning cardsRenata Sancken/Twitter

Looking for the perfect card to send to a friend who is transitioning? Hallmark has the card for you.

Librarian Renata Sancken spotted the card at a CVS store in the US, underneath the section "Encouragement: Transgender/transitioning".

Sancken posted a picture of the card to Twitter, saying it was the first time she had seen one.


She tweeted: "I've never seen Hallmark cards for gender transitioning before! Capitalism triumphs over hate??"

Hallmark tweeted back: "Love always wins."

Sold by Hallmark in the US, it features a green butterfly with the words: "You're becoming who you've always been."

Inside, the card reads: "How wonderful is that?"

A Twitter user spotted the cardRenata Sancken/Twitter

It is currently the only transitioning card sold by Hallmark and appears to be only available in the US – but there are other similar cards available under the "you might also like" section.

The site Cafepress.co.uk sells a number of transgender transitioning cards in the UK.

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