Google London HQ vs Apple Park: Battle of the world's best offices

How Google's new London headquarters compares to Apple Park, opening in California this summer.

Google's massive new London headquarters is as long as Western Europe's tallest building, the Shard, is tallGoogle

Google has revealed plans for its new London headquarters, the first HQ to be built and owned by the search giant outside of its native California.


The massive building will be constructed in Kings Cross, close to St Pancras International train station and Regent's Canal. Eleven stories high and stretched across more than 300 meters, the building is as long as the Shard, Western Europe's tallest building, is high.

The story of a technology behemoth creating a huge glass and steel structure to house thousands of employees will be familiar to many, as Apple adds the finishing touches to its own shiny new loop-shaped HQ, called Apple Park.

Google London HQ (top) and Apple Park (below) Google/YouTube

Here's how the two super-offices stack up:

Google London HQ

Apple Park



Bjarke Ingels Group and Heatherwick Studios (2012 Olympic Cauldron, London Routemaster bus)

Foster + Partners (Wembley Stadium, Canary Wharf Underground station, McLaren Technology Centre)

Floor space


870,000 square feet

2,800,000 square feet


£1bn (estimate)



330m long, seven floors rising to 11

Circular, one mile circumference, four floors

Staff count




300m long landscaped roof terrace

30-acre park with 9,000 trees


210 seats

1,000 seats

Fitness centre

25m swimming pool, sports hall for basketball and football, 200m 'trim trail' running route through gardens, massage rooms

100,000 square feet, two-storey yoga room, medical and dental services

Silicon Valley features

'Pause areas', sleeping pods for naps and office all-nighters

400-ton glass cafe doors, 100% self sufficient, Jony Ive-designed door handles made from MacBook aluminium


Designs drawn, construction to start in 2018

Building almost complete, employees to move in during summer 2017

Enough numbers, here are the first drawings of what Google's new London HQ will look like:

The building, shaded in blue, will sit between Kings Cross (right) and St Pancras International train stationsGoogle
A 300-meter long roof terrace includes a cafe, relaxation spaces and a running circuit for lunchtime exerciseGoogle
One edge of the building overlooks Regent's Canal in Kings CrossGoogle
Inside, there is enough work space for 7,000 employees spread across the main building and two smaller buildings nearbyGoogle
The ground floor is taken up by shops, split up by entrances to Google's offices aboveGoogle
The roof is covered in a 300-metre garden and exercise spaceGoogle

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