EyeEm Photography Awards 2017 finalists are revealed

The judges of the 2017 EyeEm Photography Awards have chosen 100 finalists from more than 590,000 entries.

The judges of the 2017 EyeEm Photography Awards have chosen 100 finalists from more than 590,000 entries. This year's contest received submissions from over 88,000 photographers in more than 150 countries in just under six weeks – making it the world's largest photography competition.

The jury, which included representatives from National Geographic, VII Photo Agency, Refinery29, the BBC and more, has selected 20 images from each of the five categories. These 100 images will be exhibited at the 2017 EyeEm Photography Festival & Awards in Berlin from 15 to 17 September, when the category winners and Photographer of the Year will be announced. IBTimes UK presents a selection of the finalists in each category.

Category: The Great Outdoors. Number of submissions received: more than 229,000

The Great Outdoors finalist: Zane Jēkabsone - This photo was taken at the Sólheimasandur plane wreckage in Iceland, the site of an abandoned US Navy Douglas Super DC-3 which was forced to crash land on the black sand beach in1973Zane Jēkabsone
The Great Outdoors finalist: Xiao Han - Taken in IcelandXiao Han
The Great Outdoors finalist - Masaki Sato: Camping on Mount Tsubakurodake in Nagano, Japan at nightMasaki Sato
The Great Outdoors finalist - Michael Lynch: Bingham Canyon Mine, Utah, on a snowy dayMichael Lynch
The Great Outdoors finalist: Anthony Castro - Taken in Oahu, HawaiiAnthony Castro
The Great Outdoors finalist: Simon Gruenenwald - Playing on Than Sadet Beach in ThailandSimon Gruenenwald
The Great Outdoors finalist: Nils Leithold - Exploring the Faroe IslandsNils Leithold
The Great Outdoors finalist: Guiga Pirá - This image was taken while the photographer was living on a ship in Mexico as part of a marine conservation campaign to protect endangered marine life from illegal fishing ships. Drones were used to locate, identify and document illegal fishing activities in a protected area.Guiga Pirá

Category: The Street Photographer. Number of submissions received: more than 136,000

The Street Photographer finalist: AngkulAngkul
The Street Photographer finalist: Pau Buscató - Part of the Hopscotch series, resulting from the photographer's joy of playing with the everyday, and showing other versions of it.Pau Buscató
The Street Photographer finalist: Michael Kowalczyk - Taken at Wall Street Station as part of a street photography series in New York CityMichael Kowalczyk
The Street Photographer finalist: Tomaso Baldessarini - The most intense photograph I took during my 30 days in New York City. I had to handle a lot of fear getting close to people I don't know.Tomaso Baldessarini
The Street Photographer finalist: Maciej Dakowicz - A smoky lane in an alleyway in Kolkata, IndiaMaciej Dakowicz
The Street Photographer finalist: Alp Peker - Capturing the street life in Oslo, NorwayAlp Peker

Category: The Portraitist. Number of submissions received: more than 77,000

The Portraitist finalist: Michael Gabriele - Part of the 'Light Rays' series taken in Lausanne, SwitzerlandMichael Gabriele
The Portraitist finalist: Uta Lauterbach - A portrait of my daughter with paint splattered on her face, taken in Osterbuch, GermanyUta Lauterbach
The Portraitist finalist: Oliver Morisse - A self portrait taken in Dune du Pyla, FranceOliver Morisse
The Portraitist finalist: Banar Fil Ardhi - Photographing my grandmother for the very first time. Her name is Siti Rohayah and she turned 75 this year.Banar Fil Ardhi
The Portraitist finalist: David Schulman - A portrait taken of three women as part of the Atlanta version of the series, ‘Nasty Women and Bad Hombres of LA’. Post 2016 Presidential Election, the American paradigm has shifted in such a way to dangerously empower sexist, racist, and xenophobic factions. This project attempts to peacefully and principally counter this darkening storm by presenting the enduring light reflected by many Nasty Women and Bad Hombres of Los Angeles.David Schulman

Category: The Photojournalist. Number of submissions received: more than 53,000

The Photojournalist finalist: Clara González - On 18 June 2016, 'La Batalla de Campeonas' was held, Venezuela's first all-female boxing card. The stellar fight was the title fight between Mayerlin 'La Monita' Rivas and Melania 'Chony' SorrocheClara González
The Photojournalist finalist: Md Enamul Kabir - Every year during the Eid festival, the Islamic holiday marking the end of Ramadan, lots of people leave Dhaka to see family. Due to a shortage of trains for a large number of people, it’s tough and risky to travel. In this photo, the parent was trying to get his child off the train, as they could not get off due to the mass of people getting on.Md Enamul Kabir
The Photojournalist finalist: Slawomir OlzackinSlawomir Olzackin
The Photojournalist finalist: Jonathan Kalifat - A ceremony held in the village of Akodeha, BeninJonathan Kalifat
The Photojournalist finalist: Bernardo Guerreiro - In April 2014, during a protest against the World Cup, protesters gathered in the MASP (Arts Museum of São Paulo) area. They became trapped inside the Butantã Metro Station, after some activists attacked bank agencies near the station. Subsequent police action resulted in 64 arrests.Bernardo Guerreiro

Category: The Architect. Number of submissions received: more than 95,000

The Architect finalist: Tim Gaweco - Taken while riding a train through TokyoTim Gaweco
The Architect finalist: Scott Firestone - Taken over Chicago, IllinoisScott Firestone
The Architect finalist: Claudia Solano - Santiago Calatrava's City of Art and Sciences in Valencia, SpainClaudia Solano
The Architect finalist: JFMonom - The Fifth Ring Road in the northern suburbs of BeijingJFMonom
The Architect finalist: Paul Crudgington - Wandering around the city centre in Sheffield, South YorkshirePaul Crudgington

The EyeEm Awards were open for submissions from 3 May to 15 June. Entry was free and open to photographers of all skill levels and backgrounds to submit through the EyeEm web platform and app. The Photographer of the Year will receive a trip to Berlin for the festival, mentorship throughout the year by senior photo editors, and all winners will get featured, exhibited and published on a global scale.

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