Dancing granny with Yorkshire terrier starts street rave outside London pub

Meanwhile in Soho...

Woman proves age doesn't matter as she shows off her dance moves on Soho streetTwitter/37YEARWAIT

Tens of thousands of runners pushed themselves to the limit yesterday (23 April) for the London Marathon – and thousands took to the streets to cheer them on, bringing with them a party atmosphere.

In Soho, one woman in particular was keen to get into the swing of things.

Outside a pop-up DJ booth in Ganton Street, central London, the unknown woman in a purple coat and wool hat was filmed swaying to the beats with her tiny dog.


Captured on camera by Twitter user Jaypee, two other women join soon join her.

The trio of dancers then turns into a crowd as other people get into the party spirit.

Twitter users loved the woman – who brought some much-needed cheer to revellers in Soho.

"Absolute incredible, I loved that so much," one person tweeted.

Another wrote: "If doesn't make you smile, the. Nothing will! Love it!!"

Other Twitter users were loving the dog: "I particularly like how happy her Yorkie is too!"

An unknown woman got into the party spiritJaypee/Twitter

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