D-Day landings: Powerful photos of Allied troops storming Normandy beaches in June 1944

On 6 June 1944, British, US and Canadian soldiers descended on Normandy, turning the tide of the Second World War against the Nazis.

On 6 June 1944, Operation Overlord – aimed at liberating German-occupied western Europe – commenced as Allied forces stormed the beaches of Normandy, France. In what became known as the D-Day landings, British, US and Canadian soldiers descended on the beaches in an operation that turned the tide of the Second World War against the Nazis, marking the beginning of the end of the conflict. More than 61,000 Britons were among the 150,000 troops who took part in the landings, in which thousands lost their lives. IBTimes UK looks back at this momentous event, which occurred 73 years ago.

Edward J Waters, Catholic Chaplain from Oswego, New York, conducts services on a pier in Weymouth for the first troops to head to NormandyReuters
British soldiers joke as they read a tourist guide about France aboard a landing craftAFP
US Army troops are seen on board a vessel bound for Normandy on the night of 5 June 1944, the day before D-DayReuters
American assault troops huddle behind the shield of a landing craft approaching Utah BeachAFP
British landing crafts line the Normandy shore, each with a barrage balloon designed to discourage enemy air attackReuters
US troops in landing craft head for a beach during the D-Day landingsKeystone/Getty Images
American troops land on Normandy beaches as reinforcements during the historic D-Day landingsAFP
Survivors from a landing craft which sank off Omaha Beach on 6 June 1944 come safely ashore on a life raftWeintraub/Keystone/Getty Images
Canadian troops come ashore at a Juno Beach landing area on D-DayReuters
American soldiers leave the ramp of a Coast Guard landing boat under heavy Nazi machine gun fireReuters
Aerial view of the Allied forces engaged in the Overlord operation of landing while troops storm the Normandy beaches on D-DayAFP
American troops and transport are seen disembarking from the landing craft on the shores of France on 6 June 1944Fox Photos/Getty Images
Canadian soldiers land on a beach in NormandyAFP
American infantrymen wade towards a beach during the D-Day LandingsAFP
American troops, part of the Allied Expeditionary Force, wade ashore beside their amphibious tanks during the initial landings in FranceHulton Archive/Getty Images
Members of an American landing party lend helping hands to others whose landing craft was sunk by enemy action off the coast of FranceReuters
American assault troops of the 16th Infantry Regiment, injured while storming Omaha Beach, wait for evacuation to a field hospital for further medical treatment in this photo taken at Collville-sur-Mer, NormandyReuters
A German officer explains details of a military map captured with him, to members of the Allied Expeditionary Force who made the initial landings in northern France on 6 June 1944Hulton Archive/Getty Images
American medics administer first aid to wounded soldiers on Utah beach in NormandyHulton Archive/Getty Images
Crossed rifles in the sand are a comrade's tribute to this American soldier who died during the landingsReuters
US Army paratroopers of the 101st Airborne Division drive a captured German Kubelwagen on D-Day at the junction of Rue Holgate and RN13 in Carentan, FranceReuters
Allied troops and vehicles are seen on Omaha Beach after it was secured after D-Day
US soldiers gather around trucks disembarking from landing crafts shortly after D-DayAFP
Bomber crews of the US Ninth Airforce are seen their B26 Marauder aircraft after returning from a mission to support the D-Day landings in Normandy by disrupting German lines of communication and supply on 7 June 1944Fred Ramage/Keystone/Getty Images
British soldiers of the Royal Army Medical Corps take a breather after landing in France on D-DayKeystone/Getty Images
German prisoners-of-war are marched along Juno Beach landing area to a ship taking them to England, after they were captured by Canadian troopsReuters
The bodies of American soldiers lie on the ground in Normandy, France, awaiting burial, following the D-Day Allied invasionFox Photos/Getty Images
A Coast Guard combat photographer came upon this monument to a dead American soldier somewhere on the shell-blasted shore of NormandyReuters
A serviceman wounded during the Allied landings is lifted on a stretcher onto a DC-4 Dakota in Normandy, bound for EnglandFox Photos/Getty Images
7 June 1944: Soldiers try to flush out a German sniper located in a church in the centre of Sainte Mere Eglise, after the Normandy town's liberationKeystone/Getty Images
A crashed US fighter plane is seen on the waterfront in Bernieres-sur-Mer, France some time after the D-Day invasionReuters
15 June 1944: The body of a dead German soldier lies in the main square of Place Du Marche after the town was taken by US troops who landed at nearby Omaha BeachReuters
A happy crowd of American soldiers receive a warm welcome from the inhabitants of Cherbourg, after its liberationKeystone/Getty Images
20 June 1944: An American paratrooper and an elderly French woman enjoy a joke together in the shell-torn streets of Sainte Mere EgliseKeystone/Getty Images
24 June 1944: A Jeep from a US Army combat engineers unit drives past the destroyed Saint Malo church in ValognesReuters
21 August 1944: German prisoners of war captured after the D-Day landings in Normandy are guarded by US troops at a camp in Nonant-le-Pin, FranceReuters

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