A company had to cancel a luxury event - so gave the five-star meal to 100 homeless people

Asylum seekers will also be offered a meal at one of Melbourne's top hotels.

Around 100 disadvantaged people will be given a luxury lunch at the hotelIhg

One hundred homeless and disadvantaged people will be given a meal at a five-star Melbourne hotel after a company cancelled an event at the last minute.

The Langley Group tried to get a refund after cancelling a breakfast at the Intercontinental Melbourne The Rialto, but it was too late. So rather than wasting the booking, the company decided to donate the food to the city's neediest.

On Wednesday, around 100 homeless and disadvantaged people, including asylum seekers, will head to the hotel for lunch.


Langley's Mahta Manzouri, who only had a week to organise the lunch, told nine.com.au: "These people that would normally never have the opportunity to come into a place like that are going to have a full five-star dining experience.

"The hotel's been fantastic in working with me on this idea."

Manzouri rang around charities in the Melbourne area to find diners for the event, including Melbourne City Mission, Brigidine Asylum Seekers Project and St Mary's House of Welcome, which provides a community support service helping people experiencing homelessness, poverty and mental illness.

Lee-Ann Boyle, from House of Welcome, said around 30 people supported by the charity will attend the lunch at the Intercontinental.

"We'll be packing out a tram and hopefully having an awesome day," she told nine.com.au. "The common thread between all our clients is social isolation and mental health."

"Some of them are homeless, some of them are suffering with other issues that make them extremely socially isolated," Boyle added. "So to be part of an event like this is extremely special."

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