British man battered to death with metal bar as he slept rough on the streets of Brazil

Police have launched a manhunt for another street dweller they believe knew Brit Michael Renshaw.

British citizen Michael Steer Renshaw (R) and Brazilian Fabio Netto de Neves were killed on the streets of Sao Paulo, Brazil.

A British man has been battered to death with a metal bar as he slept rough on the streets of Brazil, it was reported on 30 August.

Michael Steer Renshaw, 50, had been living in the South American country for around a decade after marrying a Brazilian woman, with whom he had an eight-year-old child, said police.

He reportedly divorced his wife, who has not been named, and began living on the streets of Sao Paulo, south-east Brazil, after becoming an alcoholic.


Renshaw was sleeping with two other street dwellers, in the Santo Andre region of the country's largest city with a population of close to 12.5 million, when they were attacked by another homeless man on Sunday afternoon.

CCTV images show the suspect, who police believe is another street dweller who knew the victims, arrive at a health clinic car park where they were sleeping armed with a metal bar.

Seconds later, he re-emerges onto the street and throws the weapon away before calmly walking off. Later, a passer-by comes across the scene and calls for help.

As well as Renshaw, Brazilian Fabio Netto de Neves, 48, believed to have once been a lawyer, was also killed in the attack.

The third man managed to escape and on the CCTV footage is seeing running away from the scene. Police investigator Edson Barbosa said although both men were known alcoholics "they were held very dear by local residents and shopkeepers."

A Brazilian police suspect in the murder of British citizen Michael Steer Renshaw (r) and Brazilian Fabio Netto de Neves

Barbosa added: "They didn't cause any problems. We are investigating what might have motivated this crime."

But the investigator said little is known about the man who police suspect attacked the pair, with police yet to make an arrest.


Barbosa said: "Talking with other street dwellers and shopkeepers, we found that the man who attacked the two victims presents almost hermit-like behaviour. He never talked to anyone and was also aggressive. So it is difficult for people to even know his name."

Police said Renshaw had been arrested in 2009 for stealing food from a supermarket, but that he was living legally in Brazil after marrying a Brazilian.

Brazilian authorities are trying to track down Renshaw's ex-wife in order to release his body.

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