Bookies slash odds on early exit for Theresa May - with Boris Johnson favourite to replace her

May has had an awful few months, capped off by the events during her keynote conference speech.

Theresa May has coughing fit during disastrous speechIBTimes US

Theresa May's time in Downing Street could be coming to an end if political punters are to be believed.

Following a disastrous Conservative party conference speech in Manchester on Wednesday 4 October, the odds of May either resigning or being forced out off office have been slashed.

In her conference keynote speech, the prime minister had hoped to reassert herself as leader of the party following months of drama after the shock general election result, as well as ongoing infighting among the cabinet over Brexit.


After a smooth start, the PM was interrupted by prankster Simon Brodkin, who presented her with a P45 form.

Having suffered from a cold for much of the week, she struggled to read her speech and was hit by a coughing fit.

And to top it off, the signage behind her slowly began to fall apart as she finished her speech.

After all this, fresh questions have been raised about May's future, with mixed messages being sent by Tories.

Conservative MP Ed Vaizey said on Thursday (5 October) that several MPs were in agreement that the PM should resign.

The former party chairman, Grant Shapps, has also called for a fresh leadership ballot in a bid to oust the embattled prime minister.

Those who are publicly backing May include Home Secretary Amber Rudd and Boris Johnson, who remains the bookies' favourite to become the next Conservative leader.


Betfair had odds on May stepping down this year at 9/1 before the speech, but this was slashed to 5/2 in the wake of the events at the conference.

The bookmakers have placed Johnson as the favourite to replace her ahead of Brexit Secretary David Davis and the backbencher Jacob Rees-Mogg.

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