Avolatte: A coffee sensation or the end of the world as we know it?

Australia's millennials are taking coffee to the next level.

Avolattes take internet by storm in newest hipster crazeInstagram

We are obsessed with avocados – and a Melbourne cafe has taken our obsession with the fruit to the next level.

The Truman Cafe shocked the world by posted a video of its new concoction on Instagram last week - the "avolatte".

It is, essentially, just a latte served in the hollowed-out skin of an avocado. And it has sent the internet crazy.


The footage shows a barista pouring hot milk onto black coffee in an avocado shell.

Regardless of whether it's a genuine item or clever marketing, it has certainly got people talking.

While some are keen to try the creation, other have taken to social media in despair.

Avocados are a brunch favourite – but doctors have warned about a rise in "avocado hand", following a spike in knife-related injuries from failed attempts to hack out the fruit's stone.

Last week, an Australian real estate mogul has advised millennials to stop buying avocado toast if they plan on ever being able to afford a house.

When asked if young people will never be able to own a home, he said: "Absolutely, when you're spending AU$40 a day on smashed avocados and coffees and not working. Of course."

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