Airbus could move aircraft production away from Britain unless Brexit demands are met

Media reports claim aircraft maker could move production should 'hard Brexit' result in trade tariffs.

Airbus could shift the production of new aircraft models out of the UK.Pierre Verdy/ Getty

Airbus could shift the production of new aircraft models out of the UK, if its demands over the free movement of people and zero trade tariffs are not met at the conclusion of Brexit talks, according to media reports.

Speaking to The Sunday Times, Fabrice Bregier, chief operating officer of Airbus, said: "We want to stay in the UK — provided the conditions to work in an integrated organisation are met."

The COO said any potential deal between London and Brussels must allow its staff from all over the world to enter the UK easily as well as ensure that aircraft components and parts are exempt from trade tariffs.


Otherwise, Bregier said: "For new productions, it's very easy to have a new plant somewhere in the world. We would have plenty of offers to do that."

Separately, newswire Reuters reported that Airbus chief executive Tom Enders has said "hard Brexit", resulting in trade tariffs between the UK and European Union, could potentially impact the competitiveness of the aircraft maker's activities in Britain.

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