4 Essential Apps For Your New Android Smartphone

Got a new Android smartphone? Bored of your old apps and looking for something new to do with that pocket computer of yours? Here's a list of apps that you should consider getting.


An app that allows you to discover and share new music, #nwplaying comes with a nice gasification system that's similar to FourSquare. Users are given an option to share the tracks they are playing via social networks Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare. The app can also recognise music playing around you like Shazam does.



Apart from having a handy RSS reader inside, the Digg app serves all the popular articles on the website, including popular picks from the editor. Its layout and typeface choices, along with great colour selections offer a brilliant reading experience. It is a great app for people who want to simply pull their phone out, find great content in seconds and read away.

Origami: Your Family's Home

Easily one of the best Android apps out there, Origami is a rare example of an exceptionally well designed app for Google's mobile OS. It happens to be a 100 percent secure, private website for your family so that you can share pictures, videos, text files, stories and more. Adding new content is easy and quick, plus the app's design feels beautiful thanks to special touches and wonderful icons.

Google Keep

Easily one of the best alternatives to Evernote and other similar apps, Google Keep offers solid features set in a simple manner. Users can add quick notes on colourful papers. Apart from notes, voice notes, lists and memos can be added. This is easily one of the best under-appreciated apps from Google for your smartphone.

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