The 2017 iPhone Photography Awards: The world's best mobile phone camera photos?

When Apple created the first iPhone in 2007, they also created a generation of photographers. The iPhone Photography Awards, now in their tenth year, were created to showcase the iPhone camera's ability to take astonishing photographs. This year's winners were selected from thousands of entries submitted by photographers from more than 140 countries around the world. All images must have been taken with an iPhone, iPod or an iPad, without the use of desktop image processing programmes such as Photoshop (but iOS apps like Snapseed and Enlight are allowed).

The Grand Prize Winner Photographer of the Year Award goes to Sebastian Tomada of New York, a photojournalist based in New York City and the Middle East. He has worked on commercial and editorial shoots in Europe and the US, focusing strongly on documentary and portrait photography.

Grand Prize Winner, Photographer of the Year: Sebastiano Tomada, New York City, USA: Children of Qayyarah. 'Children roam the streets in Qayyarah, Iraq, near the fire and smoke billowing from oil wells set ablaze by Islamic State militants (Isis). November 4th, 2016'Sebastiano Tomada/2017 iPhone Photography Awards

First, Second and Third Place Photographers of the Year Awards go to Brendan Ó Sé of Cork, Ireland for his image Dock Worker, Yeow-Kwang Yeo of Singapore for his entry The Performer and Kuanglong Zhang of Shenzhen, China for his image The City Palace.

1st Place, Photographer of the Year: Brendan Ó Sé, Cork, Ireland: Dock Worker. 'I shot this photo on an early morning photo walk around the docks in Jakarta in April 2016. These were the hands of a dock worker who was taking a break. I was struck by the texture created by the accumulated dirt on his hands.'Brendan Ó Sé/2017 iPhone Photography Awards
2nd Place, Photographer of the Year: Yeow-Kwang Yeo, SingaporeYeow-Kwang Yeo/2017 iPhone Photography Awards
3rd Place, Photographer of the Year: Kuanglong Zhang, Shenzhen, China. 'Udaipur is one of the most romantic cities in India. in the City palace, I snapped a moment of one of the staff gazing out of the window as if he saw the slowly historic course of the palace’s construction, which was a quite attractive moment.'Kuanglong Zhang/2017 iPhone Photography Awards

IBTimes UK presents the winners of the contest's 19 categories. See the competition website for more, and for details on how to enter next year's awards.

1st Place, The America I Know: Juan Carlos Castañeda, Astoria NY, United States. 'Taken on December 5th, 2016 at Standing Rock, North Dakota. That day the water protectors, the people standing up for the Sioux tribe were supposed to get evicted by the Morton County Sheriff’s Department. Thousands of veterans came to the aid of those of us who were protesting. They told us that they had vowed to protect this country from all enemies, foreign and domestic. President Obama announced that the Dakota Access Pipeline had to be halted until an investigation was made. The veterans still marched on that afternoon and made sure to let everyone know that they were there helping protect Standing Rock. Mother Nature stepped in that day with a blizzard of 40 to 50 mph winds with temperatures of -30F. The height of the storm and the march was captured with the photo that was selected for first place. Everyone there stood until it was physically impossible to continue. Shortly after that picture was taken everyone had to go back to camp and the officers on the other side of the bridge had to leave as well. It was a great reminder of who truly was in charge.'Juan Carlos Castañeda/2017 iPhone Photography Awards
1st Place – Nature: Aarond Sandberg, Schaumburg IL, United StatesAarond Sandberg/2017 iPhone Photography Awards
1st Place, Animals: Francesca Tonegutti, Milan, Italy. 'The photo is shot after a dressage-clinic at the stable “Cuadra de la luz” in Chiclana de la Frontera , Andalucia, Spain. The horse in the photo is my horse, Yeguizo. He was resting and drying in the sun, looking at me.'Francesca Tonegutti/2017 iPhone Photography Awards
1st Place – People: Dina Alfasi, IsraelDina Alfasi/2017 iPhone Photography Awards
1st Place – Landscape: Christian Horgan, Fremantle, AustraliaChristian Horgan/2017 iPhone Photography Awards
1st Place – Travel: Jen Pollack Bianco, Seattle WA, United StatesJen Pollack Bianco/2017 iPhone Photography Awards
1st Place – Others: Darren Boyd, London, United KingdomDarren Boyd/2017 iPhone Photography Awards
1st Place – Flowers: Sidney Po, Cebu, PhilippinesSidney Po/2017 iPhone Photography Awards
1st Place – Portrait: Gabriel Ribeiro, Mato Grosso do Sul, BrazilGabriel Ribeiro/2017 iPhone Photography Awards
1st Place – Trees: Magali Chesnel, Ferney-Voltaire, FranceMagali Chesnel/2017 iPhone Photography Awards
1st Place – Sunset: Kuanglong Zhang, Guangdong, ChinaKuanglong Zhang/2017 iPhone Photography Awards
1st Place – Still Life: David Hayes, Milford, OHDavid Hayes/2017 iPhone Photography Awards
1st Place – Series: Joshua Sarinana, Cambridge MA, United StatesJoshua Sarinana/2017 iPhone Photography Awards
1st Place – News/Events: Samuel Nacar, Albacete, Spain. 'On Monday 24th of October the eviction of the biggest migrant camp in Europe named The Jungle began. Located in northern France only 5 kilometres away from the city of Calais. The eviction took place over a week, but Wednesday 26th of October the camp was set on fire. And thousands of migrants had to leave, some of them were relocated other kept on being nomads. In the picture, thousands of migrants are getting evicted from the camp due to the several fires that were lit.'Samuel Nacar/2017 iPhone Photography Awards
1st Place – Lifestyle: Nick Trombola, Wexford, PA USANick Trombola/2017 iPhone Photography Awards
1st Place – Children: Szymon Felkel, Poznan, Poland. 'The photo titled “Children’s curiosity” was taken in August 2015 in New York at Times Square.”Szymon Felkel/2017 iPhone Photography Awards
1st Place – Architecture: Paddy Chao, Taipei, TaiwanPaddy Chao/2017 iPhone Photography Awards
1st Place, Abstract: Christopher Armstrong, Sydney, Australia. 'I’ve always sought to connect to the viewer though notions of beauty and the sublime and this has continued to shape my image making. I am striving to capture the luminous tones of light, ones that glow and transport. I hope to touch the viewer with simply beauty but also to connect to the history of art making as I reference and am inspired by other practitioners.'Christopher Armstrong/2017 iPhone Photography Awards
1st Place – Panorama: Nick Trombola, Pittsburg PA, United StatesNick Trombola/2017 iPhone Photography Awards

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